Website Health Check

What is a website health check?

A website health check is a detailed inspection and analysis of your website’s sales effectiveness – it gives you information to help improve your website’s ability to generate sales for your business.


Why does my website need a health check?

It’s a competitive world out there on the web. You need to make sure you’ve got everything working in your favour to win customers. There’s nothing like broken links and slow screens to turn people off. So it makes sense to constantly re-look at your site to make sure it’s working as well as possible.


What elements and key points are you checking?

Our comprehensive website health check report includes:

  • CTA Check – does your website have a Call To Action?
  • Form Test – Do you have website form visitors can contact you on?
  • Contact Test- can visitors contact you through your website?
  • Security Check – how secure is your website?
  • Microdata Check – do you use microdata and why should you care?
  • Mobile Test – is your website mobile ready?
  • On-Site SEO – is your website SEO optimised?
  • Website compliance – does your website work properly or have obvious errors?
  • Popularity – how popular is your website online?
  • Directories – has your website been submitted to local directories?
  • Social Media – can visitors interact with social media on your site?
  • Usability – is your website easy to use?
  • Server – we check your server’s location and health
  • Domain – how old is your domain?
  • and other related health checks…


What should I do with my website health check report?

HALR’s website health check report will list and highlight errors and room for improvement. We’ll try to recommend and suggest solutions to issues that we might find. The report also creates a To Do List for you automatically. With just one click you can add all the tasks to your To Do List.


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