Tasks and To-Do Lists

Why do you have To-Do Lists in HALR?

To-Do Lists can help you get, and stay, on top of important marketing projects and tasks or decisions. HALR creates To-Do Lists for you in some of the marketing modules so it is easy for you to see what marketing tasks need your attention.


How do I use my To-Do List?

Your To-Do List gives you an easy overview of all your tasks. You can work on a task and then mark it complete. Or you can Reject a task that we have created for you entirely. You can also Schedule any tasks for later – and you can of course Assign any task to a team member or freelancer to complete.


What are the features and function of the To-Do List?

HALR puts your To-Do Lists into categories – these are:

  • Search Marketing Tasks
  • Health Check Tasks
  • Social Tasks
  • General Tasks

You can then decide to:

  • Reject a task
  • Schedule a task
  • Un-schedule a task
  • Assign a task
  • Mark task as complete


Can I manually add tasks and assign it to others?

Yes, you can add as many tasks as you like. You can group your tasks and of course assign them to a team member or freelancer.

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