Post & Schedule to Social Media

How to post or schedule post to you social media accounts


Go to MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA by clicking on the Social Media navigation button from the left side navigation menu.




>> Click on the social channel that you would like to engage with.




>> Start Posting (or Tweeting)


Under each of the Social Channels you select to which page you would like to post (if you have more than one page connected). If you have only one page connect this will be selected by default.





>> Under that, there is the main text body for your post or tweet. Write your message in there.




>> You can also attach an image to your post.





>> Underneath that you can SCHEDULE / SEND TO DRAFT or POST NOW.

Either post or tweet right away – or schedule it for a later time. Simply use the ‘Schedule your post’ option to select a date and time.






>> When preparing to post to Facebook – you have the option to also post the same message to Twitter and LinkedIn too.




>> You can also see the latest posts or tweets and engage with your followers.





>> If you need to edit or change a scheduled post or Tweet select the ‘View, Edit or Re-Schedule Posts’ option






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