What is the “Opportunities” module in HALR all about?

The opportunities module in HALR is there to make it easy for you to find and discover new marketing opportunities and engage with your potential customers where they are online. Use those opportunities to build and grow your business.


What does it do and how does it work?

It takes away the guess work of finding new potential customers for your business.

You’ll enter a few keywords and search phrases about your business, service or product. HALR will then crawl the web and try to find your specified keywords and phrases online, showing where your potential customers are and where to engage with them.


So how can I find my potential customers online?

To find out where your potential customers are online simply enter some of the key phrases that your customers would use to search or talk about your service or product.

Then, HALR will search the internet for your chosen key phrases and let you know where we’ve found people talking about that subject. Now you know where your potential customers are online and have the opportunity to engage and built relationships.


What are the functions and features of the Opportunities module?

  • Find your potential customers online with keyword and phrase monitoring
  • Listen to social media and find out what’s being said about your brand, service or product
  • Discover new opportunities daily to engage with potential new customers
  • Keep an eye on your competitor by monitoring their keywords and mentions online
  • Track and monitor improvements of your marketing efforts
  • Assign Tasks (opportunities) to team members of freelancers
  • Schedule Opportunities (mark complete or delete)


How often does HALR update / look for new opportunities?

Simple answer is daily. HALR will update and display new opportunities in your dashboard and highlight any new opportunities found.


How can I keep on top of all these opportunities?

All the results are displayed in an easy to manage format. At times a found opportunity might not be correct or as relevant as you’d like it to be – those kind of results can you simply delete. There is also the option of scheduling opportunities for a later date – or mark them as completed after you have done so.


I am quite new to marketing and this seems like a lot of work, can you help me?

We understand that not everyone will always have the time or knowledge to follow up on all the task and marketing assignments. That is why you can assign that workload to a team member or a freelancer.


My competitor is an established brand and seems to outperform me at every turn – what can I do about this?

Here’s your chance to spy and outperform your competitor. Enter their brand name, service or product and monitor where their brand is mentioned online. You’ll quickly discover where they are concentrating their marketing efforts, …that should give you plenty of ideas on how you could outperform them.

You’ll also discover if your competitor has complaints online – that’s your chance to position your business in front of those disgruntled customers and ethically steal those customers from your competition.


So how do I know if my customers are happy?

HALR gives you the opportunity to avoid getting a bad reputation online and helps you manage your brand. We’ll monitor review sites and mentions about your brand online (just like you can monitor your competitor) and we’ll notify you of any changes immediately.


Can HALR help with SEO and how would that work?

Yes. By simply engaging with all the module HALR provides, you are effectively making use of White Hat SEO.


What is White Hat SEO?  >> From the Webopedia Website: In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, white hat SEO refers to the usage of optimization strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.


How do I know if marketing with HALR is working for my business?

There are many ways to find out if your marketing efforts are yielding any results. You’ll know when you monitor your social media for engagement and feedback. You’ll know if your Landing Pages get conversions and you know by tracking your keywords position in the search engines.


So I can I track my keywords rankings in the search engines?

Yes. Each standard HALR account includes 50 keywords and phrases that you can track and monitor performance. Tracking your keyword ranking lets you know if your webpages have improved in ranking. Cross check it with your Google Analytics account too.


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