Marketing Plan [Getting Started]

Planning is essential and should be documented.


Complete your marketing plan so that you have a written record of your marketing strategy that you can refer to and follow in the months ahead.

Creating your marketing plan works the same way as a survey. We ask questions and also provide multi-choice answers whenever we can. Of course you can add your custom answers to each question too.


Getting started:


Select MARKETING PLAN from the left side navigation. Start answering each question by choosing what most applies to your circumstances.




As you move through each of the answers and sections of the marketing plan, you’ll notice that you can go back to the previous section if you need to. Moving away from your current page will save the already marked answers automatically for you.




When you get to the BUSINESS WEBSITE section you will see either of two things.


One, if you have NOT run a Website Health Check yet, you’ll get a notification that we will run the Website Health Check automatically for you.

Two, if you have already performed a Website Health Check, then you’ll see a notification letting you know that the Website Health Check has already run and that you can go and check the results.




Once you have completed the SALES section we will add all your actionable items to your ‘To Do List’ automatically.


The Sales section is the last step before you can create your marketing plan.


Simply select SAVE & VIEW RESULT  button to generate your marketing plan.




The system will generate a PDF report for you. You can download your marketing plan, so that you could hand it to your team or freelancer if you wanted to.





PDF Preview




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