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What is a marketing calendar and why should I use it?

A marketing calendar is the best way to organize your marketing activity. The marketing calendar is to assist you in scheduling and accomplishing your marketing plan no matter how large or small your marketing team is.


Will a marketing calendar work for me?

The obvious answer is “yes” since it helps you to focus your marketing efforts on goals that will equal success.


What can I do with my marketing calendar in HALR?

  • Plan marketing content in advance and stay organised
  • Build and modify marketing campaigns directly in the calendar
  • Add custom events and activities like trade shows, projects events and more
  • Share the calendar with your team and keep track of your marketing projects
  • Schedule reminders / tasks & to-do’s
  • Add Custom Events to your Marketing calendar by clicking +Create New Event. This will launch a pop-up menu to create and save the custom event date. You will be able to name the event, choose the date(s) and time (optional)


What are HALR’s calendar features?

Clicking View Full Calendar will show a fuller view that is adjustable to show a day, week, or month view and allows you to page through the dates you want to see.


Can I use the marketing calendar to schedule my to-do list?

Yes, you can. Simply use the buttons provided on your to-do list to schedule any task to your marketing calendar – or you can just manually enter any task.


What are the benefits of using a marketing calendar with HALR?

Using a calendar to plan, schedule and remind you of your marketing tasks will help you stay on top of all your tasks with ease. It will also help you to be more consistent with your content marketing by setting reminders and due dates.



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