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How difficult is the HALR marketing platform to use?

As with every new tool, there is a slight learning curve, and HALR’s platform has resources to help you take full advantage of everything it can do for your business.

We have online tooltips, (walk through) and guides, there’s plenty of help available. And if you ever have a question it is easy to get in touch.


What are the core features of HALR?

  • Competitor Marketing Audit
  • Actionable Marketing Plan
  • Customer Discovery Tool
  • Social Media Networking
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Builder

The following modules complete the marketing suite of HALR;

  • Automated ‘To do Lists’
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Google & Social Analytics


Why does it say BETA in your logo?

The word ‘beta’ indicates that we are still testing the software. This means we are still chasing bugs, working on stability, reliability, implementing customer feedback and work on improving the user experience.


Will you sell my personal details?
No, we don’t rent lists, so your personal data is safe with us.


How do I opt-out?
To unsubscribe from our newsletter or promotional emails, follow the unsubscribe link on the email. For other privacy questions, see our detailed Privacy statement.


What is a user?
A user is any person who uses the software. In our pricing plan you are allowed a limited number of user. You are able to add on users for an additional cost – see pricing*


What is a project?
A project is a particular domain / website that you are promoting. If you have multiple domains (websites) you will need to set up and create a new project.


Do You Offer an Affiliate Programme?
We do, but it’s not open for public registration, and is generally “invite only”.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in working with you. If you feel that HALR would be a great recommendation for your existing audience, we’d love to hear from you. Even if you’re not currently a member of HALR.


Do you offer a Partner Programme?
Yes we do. Details can be found by visiting this link


What is the PROMOTE button for in HALR?

If you like HALR – and we really hope you do – we are hoping that you might share your positive HALR experience and invite your fellow LinkedIn connections too! We’ve made it really simple to invite your connections and it won’t take more than a minute to complete. We would really appreciate if you would spread the word! Many thanks in advance : )

Anything special for non-profits?
Yes! We offer a discount for non-profits. Simply contact us with proof of non-profit status.

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