Email Marketing [Overview]


This article functions as a broad overview of the email functionality and features.

If you’re looking for more detail on a particular feature check out the help documents linked throughout.


Below are the specific areas that this guide will focus on.

  • The Dashboard
  • Creating Lists
  • Email Contacts
  • Sending Campaigns
  • Viewing Reports




The Dashboard

The email dashboard gives you an overview of all your email lists, contacts, campaigns and reports.



Email Lists

You can create as many email lists as you require. For example you can have separate email lists for your newsletter, your special offers, downloads, case studies, ebooks, etc.




Email Contacts

All your email contacts will be organised by how they have added themselves to your list.



Email Campaigns

HALR has different email campaigns for you to market your business.

HALR-Email-View Campaigns


Viewing Reports

Each email campaign you create will have it’s own report. Check your reports regularly to see how your campaigns perform.




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