Creating An Email Campaign

How to set up an email campaign:


The email campaign builder walks you through the entire process to set up, design and send or schedule your email campaign.


>> Before you send an email campaign you need to create a LIST.


Click on the MY LISTS and select + ADD LIST
Fill out all the required fields and select CREATE LIST






Note: you must have at least one subscriber for each list that you create.
We recommend that you add yourself to each of your email lists.




Then click on the CAMPAIGN BUTTON and select ‘Add Campaign’




Give your campaign a name (only visible to you)
Then – select what kind of email campaign you would like to create and click NEXT.





>> Next, select the LIST you want the email to be send to and click NEXT





>> Now, select a email template design – or if you are a more advanced user, create your own.





When you have chosen an email template for your campaign, enter the details on the prompt.
These details will be visible to your email subscribers – then click NEXT






You can now customise the text and email template.





When you have completed and finalised your email template – click CONTINUE

Next, you can see the campaign information.


Choose to send the campaign right away or schedule it for a later date.

Select CREATE CAMPAIGN and you are done!









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