A Competitor Marketing Audit

A Marketing Audit That Compares Your Marketing Efforts To Your Competitors

  1. Enter your business details
  2. Enter your competitor’s details
  3. HALR does the rest

The results of the audit are displayed as an easy to digest report with actionable To-Do Lists and recommendations on how to be more competitive. (find out more)

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A Marketing Plan That Works

Simple Marketing Plan - That's Actually Easy To Use and Implement.

This year, we challenge you to take a step back, evaluate business potential, and start to think strategically about your marketing.

To make this an easy process, we’ve created the marketing planning tool just like a detailed survey, where we ask questions, but also provide you with multiple choice answers. (find out more)

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Grow Your Business With Social Media

Integrate social media into your entire marketing strategy

HALR brings your social assets together and helps you manage multiple social media accounts in one convenient place.

From one dashboard, you’ll schedule Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, monitor conversations, and more.

Engage with fans and followers on social networks to drive brand awareness, advocacy, loyalty, and sales. (find out more)

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Landing Pages (Offers & Deals)

Create Unlimited Offers & Deals (also called 'Landing Pages')

Our drag & drop landing page builder lets you create pages without any help from a technical team.

Every plan includes:

  • Unlimited pages / Unlimited traffic
  • Free templates / Drag & Drop designer
  • Form Integration's

(find out more)

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Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

Powerful and easy to use email marketing, so you achieve your marketing results quickly.

Your plan includes:

  • 500 email contacts
  • Regular email campaigns
  • RSS triggered campaigns
  • Auto responder campaigns
  • Track opens / clicks / unsubscribes / bounces

(find out more)

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Find More Customers [Opportunities]

A Tool That Helps You Find More Of The People You’re Looking For

We also show you how and where you should engage with potential customers online with our unique Opportunities tool.

  • Discover potential customers online
  • Listen to social media chatter
  • Discover new opportunities daily
  • Monitor what people are saying about your business
  • Track and monitor your marketing efforts

(find out more)

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 Monitor Your Online Reviews

A good reputation is the world's best form of advertising!

Customers are influenced by online reviews and if your online reputation is falling behind, then those sales will be made somewhere else.

Constantly monitor:

  1. Google Reviews
  2. Yellow Pages
  3. Yelp.

We find mentions on social networks too so you get the full picture of what people are saying. (find out more)

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HALR Tool-tip-Walk-through

Website Sales & Health Check

Fixing and optimising issues improves user experience, sales & search engine rankings.

  • Discover how your site performs for search engines
  • We highlight problem areas and how to fix them
  • We create actionable To-Do Lists
  • Perform a visitors / usability check
  • Check On-Page & Off-Page SEO

(find out more)

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Rank Tracking Made Easy

Fresh rankings daily, weekly and on demand

Automatically check your search engine rankings for target keywords and track ranking improvements over time.

Why should you be bothered?

  • Discover your website visibility online
  • Save time monitoring your rankings
  • Daily tracking - daily search engine results
  • Monitor the top 50 organic search results in google
  • Includes your most important 50 keywords for free

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SEO, Visibility & Traffic

HALR Tool-tip-Walk-through

How does HALR help me improve my SEO, Visibility and Traffic?

You increase your Visibility when you built your brand online. Engaging on Social Media drives Traffic to your website and Landing pages and those links improve your SEO over time.

By monitoring and improving your online reputation you are also increasing the odds of links and traffic from organic search.

Our Marketing Audit will highlight local hubs and social opportunities that help improve your organic SEO and online visibility. (find out more)

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Easily Build Interactive Marketing Calendars

Mission Control For Your Entire Marketing Strategy

Your marketing calendar saves time and money by being the central location for everything marketing.

Marketing activities can be hard to coordinate.

  • Your editorial marketing calendar lets you schedule and plan your marketing to do list and add any upcoming marketing activities such as holidays or other special events with ease and stay organised.
  • Just set a reminder, and the system will ensure you get ample notice.

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Actionable To-Do Lists

Semi/Automated To-Do Lists

Set yourself reminders to complete a task, re-schedule it, or assign it to someone on your team or freelancer.

Manageable functions on your to-do lists are:

  • Reject a task
  • Schedule a task
  • Un-schedule a task
  • Assign a task
  • Mark task as complete

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