Website Health Check [Getting Started]

The Website Health Check Tool lets you look at your website from a search engines point of view.


It will highlight any issues that it finds and create To-Do List, so that you can correct those issues and make sure that Google and other search engines can index all of your website pages correctly.


Here is what you get with your Website Health Check:

  • You can check your website once per day
  • You get a full report of the results
  • You get an actionable To-Do List


Here is how to perform a Website Health Check


Select the Website Health Check button from the left side navigation

You will notice that the website URL has already been pre-populated for you (from the Company Profile section). All you need to do now is click the green GENERATE HEALTH CHECK button and the system will perform the Website Health Check for you.






The results will highlight any issues that need your attention.





Create the To-Do List


To move any of the issues found on to your To-Do List simply click the CREATE TO-DO-LIST button and all it will be moved to the Website Health check category on your To-Do- List.







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