The To-Do List [Getting Started]

You don’t have to write down your marketing tasks as you progress though HALR’s marketing tool, the system will create To-Do Lists for you whenever it can.


There is a To-Do List created when you run your Marketing Audit, when you complete your Marketing Plan and when you run a Website Health Check.


Of course you can add tasks manually to any of the lists. For ease of managing your tasks, the To-Do Lists are categorised into GENERAL, HEALTH CHECK, SOCIAL & SEARCH MARKETING tasks.


You can find your To-Do List under TASKS


<insert screenshot>



ADD A NEW TASK (Manually)


Click on the ADD NEW TASK button on the top right corner.


<insert screenshot>


You’ll be asked to give the task a name, add a description of the task and then add it to one of the categories.


<insert screenshot>


Now that you have created a task, you can SCHEDULE it for later or ASSIGN the task to a team member or freelancer.


Furthermore, any tasks created automatically for you can also be ASSIGNED, SCHEDULED, REJECTED OR marked as COMPLETE.


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