Subscription Plan and Pricing


To be able to continue to use HALR after your 100% Risk Free 30 day trial you will need to upgrade to our paid plan.

There is one simple plan for everyone to start with.

We believe that the standard subscription plan will be more than sufficient for most sole traders & small businesses to get started.

You can pay for your HALR subscription monthly, quarterly or annually.


LIST PRICE  £97 per month
BETA Launch Offer** (very limited time only)  £33 per month (SAVE 1/3)
Monthly Price (after Beta testing has completed)  £97 per month
Quarterly (-10% discount)  £261.90 per quarter
6 Months (- 15% discount)  £494.70 every 6 month
Annually (20% discount)  £931.20 per year


Do you offer flexible payment options and discounts?

We offer a 10% discount if you prepay quarterly, 15% discount if you pay for 6 month and 20% discount if you prepay annually. Please note that the discount does NOT apply to the already discounted launch (beta) offer. The discount applies to the full list price only, which is £97 per month.


What is a ‘pay as you grow’ plan?

A pay as you grow plan means you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, based on your usage. A ‘pay as you grow’ plan ALSO means that HALR will scale with you as your business grows. We start you off on our standard plan, then as you grow as a business you can purchase additional extras when and as you need those extras, so you only pay for what you really need.



Email Contacts: (500 included in your standard plan)

EMAIL CONTACTS 500 Included in your standard plan
upgrade to: 1000 + £5 per month
upgrade to: 1500  + £8 per month
upgrade to: 2000 + £11 per month
upgrade to: 2500   + £15 per month
upgrade to: 3000  + £19 per month
upgrade to: 5000 + £27 per month
upgrade to: 10,000 + £45 per month
upgrade to: 25,000 + £95 per month
upgrade to: 50,000 + £161 per month

Keyword Monitoring: (50 included in your standard plan)

 50 Included in your standard plan
upgrade to: 100   + £10 per month
upgrade to: 200   + £15 per month
upgrade to: 300   + £25 per month
upgrade to: 500   + £45 per month
upgrade to: 1,000   + £95 per month
upgrade to: 5,000 + £400 per month

Users / Team Members / Freelancers: (5 included in your standard plan)

  5 Included in your standard plan
upgrade to: 10 + £10 per month
upgrade to: 50 + £25 per month
upgrade to: 100 + £50 per month


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