Sub-Users – Team Members & Freelancers

We can do with a little help. Add team member(s) or temporary freelancer(s) to your HALR account. Your standard plan allows you to add up to 5 additional users.


PLEASE NOTE: Sub-Users will have access to all of your marketing tools – with the exception of billing and plans. So please make sure you invite persons that you trust with your marketing tasks.



Adding a new Sub-User


You’ll find the link to the Sub-User section under SETTINGS.


Find SETTINGS (the ‘gear icon’ – top right corner) and select Manage Sub-Users from the dropdown menu.


<insert screenshot>


Now select +ADD USER – you can now add the Name and email address of the additional user.

Click the ADD SUB-USER button to send them the invite.


Once you have added them as a user the person you have invited will receive an email invite that they have to accept. Their email contains a user name – which is their email address plus the system will have generated a password for them. They will need this information to login to your account.



On your Sub-User dashboard, you can see all the additional users that you have invited.


Here you can ENABLE / DISABLE or DELETE users.


<insert screenshot>

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