Creating a Landing Page Using Our Drag & Drop Builder

Our Drag & Drop Builder lets you start quickly, and completely customise—landing pages. We’ll cover all the steps you need to build your first page. Get started below!


In this article:

  • Creating a new drag-and-drop page
  • Editing content
  • Adding an opt-in form
  • Publishing


Got to the Landing Page Dashboard and click on CREATE LANDING PAGE



Select a template

The main difference between the templaes are the ‘opt-in’ forms. You can start from scratch by deleting all (or some) of the page elements and then drag & drop elements that you like instead.




Drag & Drop Elements






Editing content

You can customise any content for any element on your landing page. Simply click on the text, image, video or other section and you will see a editing tool bar.




Delete an entire content block….





Adding an opt-in form

From the right side drag & drop elements select the form style that you want and rgad it onto any position on your landing page




When you are done designing your landing page ‘hide’ the drag and drop elements





Click ‘SAVE & NEXT’ to continue




Next, fill in the meta data of your landing page

Here you give the landing page a name – which will also form part of your URL

If you have a opt-in form on your page, you MUST select a email list so that those visitors opting in can receive the correct emails.

Add meta description. That is the part that will show up in the search engines, so make it relevant, interesting and click-worthy.

If you have a tracking code, like Google analytics, you can paste your code here.



Whne you click SAVE your landing page will be saved – but not published! 


Publish your landing page

Note: you must publish your landing page if you want to preview it.










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