Creating an Automation

Creating an Email Automation (Marketing Automation)


With HALR you can set up automated follow-up emails if someone subscribes to your email list through one of your landing pages.

Let’s assume you have created a Landing Page that captures your visitor’s Name & Email address so that you can follow-up with that visitor automatically. That could be in a form of a newsletter, educational email series or similar emails that you would like to send out automatically whenever you get a new subscriber to your email list.


  • For this example, we will set up a newsletter series.
  • We create a new list & the new newsletter email campaign
  • We add a new subscriber to your new email list
  • The email confirmation to confirm the email and subscriber (also known as double-optin). This is not optional and is a requirement.
  • Creating your follow up email series


Login to HALR and select EMAIL from the left hand navigation and you arrive at the main email dashboard.





To create any email campaign you need two things.

1 you need an email list and 2 you need at least one subscriber on each of your list.

We recommend that you add yourself to each of your lists


ONE – Create Your Newsletter List



TWO – add yourself to your new list






Note: remember to confirm your email address, otherwise you will not be able to create your email campaign! 






Next, set up your Newsletter Campaign




Name your Newsletter and select ‘Autoresponder’ as your campaign.




Next, you need to select your email list.

Anyone that subscribes to that list will receive your newsletter.




Next, select an email template for your newsletter campaign.

Note: you can create your own email template, simply select any template and delete all the elements and start fresh.




Next, edit and customise your email newsletter.



When done, click CONTINUE. Then you can schedule your newsletter.

The first one, set as SEND IMMEDIATELYWhen Someone Subscribes – then click SEND IMMEDIATELY.




For the next follow-up email (week 2, week 3, week 4 etc) select SCHEDULE!

To send your next email after 1 day enter 24 hours, if you want to send the next email in the series in 7 days, enter 168 hours. Etc



After you have completed that step you will see a success message.




Your basic Newsletter Email Campaign has now been set up. 


Next, you need to Create a Landing Page to collect subscribers for your newsletter!


Click here to learn how to create a Landing Page.






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