Campaign Types [Explained]





Regular Campaign:

A regular email campaign is an email that you typically send out to your email list one time. You can design and customise your email template and choose whether to send it immediately or schedule it for a later date.



RSS Triggered Campaign

RSS Campaigns are automated email campaigns combined with content from an RSS feed. Like the other campaign types, you can control when these campaigns go out and who receives them.




Auto Responder Campaigns

An auto-responder is an automated email campaign that is sent based on a one-time event like subscribing to a list or based on a date in your contact list.




Date Based Campaigns

Send automated emails to people before, on, or after a specific date recorded for each subscriber on your list. For example, you could schedule an email to send when a special offer ends, or is about to end.





What Email Marketing Campaigns Are Not!!

When you hear ’email marketing’, it’s very tempting to think of it as spam mail. Anyone with an email address will know exactly what spam is, and you don’t want to be just another junk email in your customer’s inbox. Email marketing is a conversation between you and your customers, and it’s your job to provide informative, engaging, and valuable content that they look forward to seeing in their inbox.



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