Adding Your Company Details

Before you can begin using HALR you need to enter your business details (company profile).

This is also referred to as your ‘website project’.

The details entered here will help the software understand where your business is located, who your potential competitors might be and also help you discover potential clients (using the keywords that you enter).


enter your company details to the HALR software


  • Project Name = Give your website project a name. NOTE: if you make use of the Landing Pages (which we recommend you do) and use HALR to host your pages- your project name – will become part of that landing page URL. For example:;
  • Website URL = Please enter the Full URL of your website – including the http://www. – this will be the web address that HALR will use throughout the system, including competitive research and website health checks;
  • Your Full Name = Let us know that you are a real person
  • Your Job Title = Tell as if you are the owner, manager, co-founder etc
  • Business Name = Enter your full business name – this will help us identify your competitors more easily
  • Business Address = Give your full business address, this is especially important for local businesses;
  • Country = Let us know which country your business resides in (currently the software works best for the UK & USA market)
  • City = Enter the City your main business is located in (part of your full address details)
  • Post Code = Enter the full post code your main business is located in (part of your full address details)
  • Business Email = Enter your main business email address; this email address will be used to send you important information and notifications
  • Business Phone Number = Give us your best phone number that we can reach you on should we need to do so
  • Memberships/Associations = this is optional; entering any membership bodies or associations will let us know if we have a special offer with that organisation that you could benefit from;
  • Keywords = enter up to five keywords that describe your business; keywords and phrases that your customers would type in to the search engines to find your business; NOTE: these keywords count towards your total keyword allowance (10 keywords during your free trial – 50 keywords for a basic paid plan)



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