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How to Use the Competitor Marketing Audit to Bulletproof Your Small Business


Keeping an eye on the competition helps you keep a finger on the pulse of what other businesses in your industry are doing to get customers. It also assists you to stay competitive and relevant to your customers.


In this guide I’m going to cover what a competitor marketing audit is, how you can benefit and I’ll show you how easy it is getting it all done with HALR.


So, what is a competitor marketing audit and why should I care?


A competitive marketing audit is an analyses and evaluation of your and your competitor’s websites digital marketing efforts. By completing a competitors marketing audit, we create a clear picture of how your business compares to your top competitors. The audit most importantly determines problem areas and opportunities in order to recommend a plan of action for improvement.



Why should you perform a marketing audit?

It will help you to target the right markets and attract qualified customers for your products and services. You can find out who you’re competing with and how to bulletproof your online business.

  • It could reveal unknown, new or overlooked target audiences
  • You can get ideas on how to tweak your current strategies and plan
  • We suggest marketing tips to help with your goals and objectives


  • You can beat your competition

The report from your audit will show you how to gain traction, market share, and a competitive advantage. It ensures that you have a clear and detailed roadmap for your marketing strategy and it allows you to set yourself apart from your competition, get ahead and innovate.


  • It saves you money

Eliminate wasteful spending and lost opportunities due to misaligned strategies, mismatched goals, resource gaps, and outdated technologies. The result is significantly more cost-effective marketing strategy. A competitor marketing audit from HALR helps grow your business for less.


  • It’s 1,2,3 simple with HALR:
  1. Enter your business details
  2. Enter your competitor’s details
  3. Done, we’ll do the competitive analysis for you




We’ll display the results of the audit as an easy to digest report, with actionable To-Do Lists and recommendations on how to be more competitive.


Your HALR marketing audit is broken down into several parts of analysis:

  • Search Engine Optimization Audits
  • WHC?
  • Google Business Page Audit
  • Blog Competition Audit
  • Local Hub Submissions Audit
  • Search Marketing Audit
  • Social Competition Audit
  • Brand & Reputation Audit
  • …and other proprietary checks.


Here is in greater detail the marketing metrics and channels that HALR will check



Search Engine Optimisation- On-Page SEO

  1. SEO-Friendly Permalink URLs
  2. Keyword in Title
  3. Image ‘alt’ tags (with keyword)
  4. Multimedia
  5. Wrap Your Title in an H1 Tag
  6. Page Load Speed
  7. Social Sharing Buttons




The assessment will grade your page score, highlight any inconsistencies and make recommendations on how to fix them or take advantage of your competitors missed opportunities.


Blog Competition Metrics

  1. Blog found
  2. Blog age
  3. Newsletter sign up form
  4. Blog Comments / Feedback
  5. How many words per blog post
  6. How often / frequent
  7. Blog posts contain media
  8. Blog has social sharing enabled
  9. Social Activity / Social shares




We’ll compare your blog (assuming that you have one!) to your top five competitors. The result will highlight any inconsistencies and make recommendations on how to fix them or take advantage of your competitors missed opportunities.


Social Media Activities and Engagement

  • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Analysis
  • Activity for Social Channel
  • Market Share
  • Fans / Likes/ Tweets / Follows
  • People Talking About It
  • Brand/Product Posts
  • Engagement



An analytical overview of some key metrics of your competitors on your social channels, your competitive position, relative performance and market share. How visitors interact with your posts, and how to optimise for the best results.



  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
  • Buffer
  • NewsWire
  • Folkd
  • Slashdot
  • Delicious




The positive effects of social bookmarking for blogs and other web sites is excellent. Social bookmarking can introduce sites to others with relevant tastes, drive traffic to your site, and valuable backlinks.


Search Engine Marketing


The small business landscape is arguably tougher than ever before. That’s why we think it is of outmost importance to know what your competitors are doing online.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Alexa Ranking


The results of the search engine marketing analysis will help you a great deal in understanding where your competitors are better or lacking with their online marketing efforts.

We’ll make sure to take this opportunity to point out any strategic advantages for your business that you can implement right away and add it to your To-Do List.




Local Listings


Google Places is one local listing you don’t want to miss.

Google business listing checks:

-# (tbc)





How to set up a Google Business page guide



Local Citations

Fast, Accurate & Essential Data to Improve your Local Search Performance


  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages


You can see where they’re listed and you’re not, making it easy to spot new citation opportunities. If your site has no citation yet we’ll create a To-Do List so that you can address this in your marketing schedules.





You must be convinced by now that having positive reviews online about your business is essential.

  • yahoo.co.uk
  • google.com/local
  • yellowpages.com
  • yelp.com


If your business has no reviews yet we’ll create a To-Do List so that you can address this in your marketing schedules.




Implementing the marketing audit results:

Developing a competitor marketing audit is one thing, implementing it is quite another. Staying focused, committed and on top of all the various tasks can be overwhelming even for experienced marketers.

That is why we’ve made that part easy too…


<goal driven>



So that’s all?



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