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Your Complete Guide to HALR [All 7 Modules]

By Thomas Minarik

This is your complete guide to HALR.

(All 7 Modules plus all Support Tools)

A full breakdown of all its features and solutions and how to get started with each.

If you have just signed up this may be the best guide to read first.

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How To Use HALR for SEO, Visibility & Traffic [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik

Get Your Website Found Online


No more excuses to blame the google algorithm changes for search traffic declines.

A detailed guide on how HALR can help to increase your search engine visibility and SEO.

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How to Use HALR to Check Your Websites Health [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik

How healthy is your website?

A detailed guide on how to check that your website is ready to generate sales.

Metadata, usability, mobile test, security check on-site SEO and much more…

Make sure those web elements are working, otherwise customers may leave your site, heading for a competitor instead. Google doesn’t like these mistakes either – making your site much harder for people to find. The result? Fewer sales.

How to Use HALR to Monitor Your Online Reputation [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik

Online Reviews

A detailed guide and explanation on how to your HALR’s ‘Opportunity’ module to monitor your online reputation and reviews.

Find out what your customers say about your business online.

Make sure you answer ALL reviews- good & bad, every time.

How to Use HALR’s Marketing Plan [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik


This guide will walk you through what steps to take and how to use HALR to complete your Marketing Plan.

It is a simple process, very similar to a multi-choice survey.

We’ll ask some questions and whenever possible also provide you with multi-choice answers so that you are never stuck.

How to Use HALR’s Marketing Audit [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik

Marketing Audits and Competitor Analysis

A marketing audit is a fundamental part of the marketing planning process. HALR analyses and compares your business with your top five competitors in your marketplace.

HALR will display the results of the audit in an easy to digest report that you can action right away.

How To Use HALR’s Social Media Tool [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik

Social Media Management Tool

Manage and monitor social media efficiently in one place.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Our social media tool is based on the idea that communication and engagement between businesses and customers should be simple.


How To Use HALR’s Email Marketing [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik

Email Marketing – Built In!

This guide will show you how to make the most out of email and marketing automation for your business.

Welcome, re-engage, and follow up with the people who matter to you.

How To Use HALR’s Landing Page Tool [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik

Landing Pages (Offer or Deal Pages)

Create an unlimited number of Landing Pages.

Easy drag ‘n’ drop builder: Build your landing pages without any coding.

Simply drag and drop objects, and style them with simple controls.

How To Use HALR’s Opportunities Tool [Guide]

By Thomas Minarik

Finding your customers

We don’t just recommend what to do, but we also show you how to do it and where you should engage with potential customers online with our unique “Opportunities” module (a custom customer acquisition tool)

HALR will go out and search the web for traffic sources, find new places to engage, identify potential new customers and even keep an eye on your competitor too.


Write For Us – Guest Authors Wanted!

By Thomas Minarik

Are you an author or blogger?

Here at HALR, we would like to invite all writers, guest bloggers and authors to write for our blog.

We are quite new, so we don’t have a big community or readers just yet, but we are working on it – hard.

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