HALR originated as an idea back in 2012. The idea started with a problem that I came across too often.

Most business owners that I spoke to used an 'Ad-Hoc Marketing' approach in marketing their business and then were disappointed when they did not see any positive results or ROI.

They tried SEO for a short period of time (no long term commitment or strategy in place), sometimes social media was the answer, some used email marketing, and a best case scenario was when I spoke to business owners who did a little bit of everything.

Some tried all of it - without having a marketing plan or strategy. 


Small businesses and startups have to watch their cash flow so hiring a professional in most cases is out of the question.

What was needed is a marketing plan & strategy software with actionable tools to put all the marketing tasks into action at a price any small business can afford.

We’ve developed that robust marketing engine which allows everyone to set goals, plan, create, optimise and execute marketing tasks, all in one place.


HALR makes the most common internet marketing tasks drop dead simple.

Tools include; marketing plan, marketing audit, email marketing, social media marketing, landing pages, how to find customers, keyword ranking, to-do lists, marketing calendar and more.


OUR MISSION is to leave no small business behind. Help everyone with a marketing plan so that they can grow their business through online marketing. Provide everyone with all the marketing tools they need to be successful.


OUR VISION, at the heart of HALR is an unwavering commitment to ensuring that we make business owners lives better by making a positive impact on the success of their businesses and the communities that we serve.

Thomas Minarik, Founder HALR

Thomas Minarik (Founder)

He's an entrepreneur and digital marketer. Before becoming a full time entrepreneur he's worked as a qualified chef on 3 continents, Caribbean Cruise Liner and London's West End Bar and Night Club Scene. He's built his business from scratch and served in the Austrian Army.

The past 8 years he's fine-tuned his online marketing skills for small businesses and worked in every marketing channel available (except TV & Radio).

Raj Dhonota

Raj Dhonota (Co-Founder)

Appearing back on reality TV show The Apprentice in 2005, where candidates looked to secure a job with technology entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar by completing a number of business-related schemes, Dhonota was fired in the ninth week of the series despite winning two tasks as project manager.

His founded companies include Igniva Solutions and Instant Translation, while the investor counts Life’s Dream and Handbags About Town as portfolio companies.

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